Our core competencies

Production of efficient, strong and durable tools for stamping and bending metal parts from metal strip or wire respectively - everything from coil.

Our Values

Team Spirit

In our company people with individual personalities and different know-how work in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Through the exchange of knowledge and resources as well as mutual motivation and support, we solve upcoming tasks together in order to achieve set goals, share successes and grow together on challenges


In our communication we focus on openness, honesty and fair, friendly and trusting interaction. This applies both internally among our employees, where we treat our colleagues with consideration and esteem, and externally at the interface with our customers and suppliers.


We make decisions based on a sound assessment. We assume responsibility for the findings resulting from our actions. We recognize our achievements in order to create new motivation, but also our mistakes, from which we learn. Taking risks, rewarding success and transforming past failures into future opportunities with competent analysis – this is how we take responsibility, both individually and as a team.


Mutual trust is based on keeping promises and promotes honest and fair exchange. With this in mind, we are open-minded and understanding towards our colleagues and partners. Facts count for our actions and form the basis for them, but rumours have no value.


With creative and curious thinking, we discover the possibilities that empower us and will continue to drive us forward in the future. We generate opportunities from ideas and benefit from changes. With a flexible and open mind, we do not insist on the law, but ask ourselves every day how challenges can be tackled even better and more effectively in the future. Times are changing – and we find solutions and answers!

Complex components in high quality - high quality in large series - large series delivered on time!