Stamping and bending from thread and band

If you need special springs or stamped-bended parts in series

CEFEG Nordic - Achieving more togehter

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CEFEG Nordic ApS is the danish subsidiary of the German CEFEG GmbH Chemnitz.

CEFEG is a manufacturer of tailormade springs and stamping-bending parts. Every part being made from band- or thread material i nearly all kind of materials.
CEFEG continuously invests in new Bihler machines and at the same time develops new tools with extremely complexity. Our core competence is therefore our ability to manufacture special and complex parts for products in virtually every industry, in large and small series and in a high and consistent quality.


CEFEG Nordic ApS
Birk Centerpark 40, Birk
7400 Herning


Peder Meiner Christensen
Sales consultant
T.: +45 30 55 10 11
Complex components in high quality - high quality in large series - large series delivered on time!