Stamping and bending

Stamping bending from band

Specific shapes, precision and the highest demands – we know what counts when it comes to stamped bended parts. With the help of modern BIHLER and press technology, we are, not only, able to produce reliable products in large series, but also achieve maximum efficiency in smaller series.
- the more complex the better!

Wire bending in unique forms

We produce wire springs according to your specific requirements and with the highest precision. In this way, we are represented in many industries, such as contact springs for the electronics industry, as mounting brackets for the electrical industry, as components for fittings, heating systems and assembly groups with plastic, in the automotive industry as elements for hoods, and for the mechanical manufacturing industry as well as construction/ production of windows and doors.- everything else as standard springs!

Flat form springs 

These products are manufactured on modern CNC controlled automatic stamping and bending machines and presses from BIHLER and Minster. These are produced for the automotive industry, the electrical industry, furniture production, the steel industry and for the fittings industry. 
- Special solutions are not a problem for CEFEG.

Industry sectors

Automotive Supply

We are certified according to IATF 16949 and produce for recognized manufacturers in the fields of electric vehicles, interiors, automotive electronics, hood handling elements as well as safety technology.

Building Industry

We offer individual solutions for your specific projects – from reinforcements in road construction to components in roller shutters. Whether special material or high surface requirements, we have the right partner at hand. Only in this way can we offer you the flexibility and reliability you need.


We stand for precision down to the smallest detail and produce contacts made of wire and strip steel, crimps for conductors and shunts made of triband up to complex assemblies on our modern machines. You need prototypes or small and large series as bulk cargo, as banded goods or packed in blister tapes? No problem for us. We even have the right partner for specific coatings on hand.

Electrical Engineering

We are a manufacturer of individual products according to customer requirements with a modern machine park and support you from the development up to series production. For example, we manufacture busbars for switch cabinets, clips for connectors, components for lamps, measuring instruments and sockets, battery contacts for headphones and belt clips for microphone transponders. Additional to that we provide further services like thread forming, welding, mounting of assemblies or specific coatings through our competent partners.

Leisure | Sports | Household Appliances

Modern devices require modern technology. This is exactly what we can offer you with our innovative machinery. The processing of wire and strip can thus be carried out efficiently in both small and large series. By investing in new technology, we have enough capacity at our disposal so that we can also react flexibly to seasonal short-term requirements

Heating | Sanitation | Climate Control

Our specific springs and fixing elements as well as our assemblies are used for durable solutions in sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology. With our components, we ensure simplified assemblies, durable connections and long-term functioning applications.

Plastics Industry

With the production of hybrid products made of metal and plastic, we offer new and innovative possibilities for product design. The strength of metals in combination with the flexibility of plastics offer function- and cost-optimized solutions. These solutions can be found in areas such as lightweight construction, noise and functional optimization as well as the improvement of optical appearance, safety and comfort.

We manufacture a wide variety of products for customers in the plastics processing sector, such as constant force and spiral springs.

Mechanical Engineering

Our know-how and state-of-the-art technology are the cornerstones for precise, durable and reliable components. We manufacture individual parts made of wire and strip steel for you which are exactly adapted to your individual project and can produce efficiency in small as well in large series.

Medical Engineering

We stand for precision and reliability. With many years of know-how and modern production technology, we produce your individual solution, from prototype to series production. Our experience in medical technology can be seen, for example, in components for dispensers or fastening elements in prostheses.


For the furniture sector, we manufacture individual components made of wire and strip steel e.g. for drawers, height adjustment of tables or the fastening of lamps, and ensure that the functionality of the furniture is guaranteed. Due to the high quality and precision of our products, even visible parts are no problem – even with coloured surfaces.

Commercial Vehicles | Rail Vehicles

We manufacture custom-fit components for your individual vehicles and, thanks to modern NC technology, also efficiently in small series. Whether safety technology or interior, you benefit from our know-how in the automotive sector and the reliability of our products.

Locks | Fittings | Armatures

Locks, fittings and armatures require the right materials, special surface treatments and durable components. Thanks to our know-how and long-standing cooperation partners, we can offer you all of this. Whether components for window closing mechanisms, brackets for pipes, corrosion-resistant components or individual solutions for custom-made products – we are your reliable partner.

An example

Micro Power Quadlocks

Above is a strip of ready-made Micro Power Quadlocks which are used as terminal connectors in the automotive industry. The plug consists of 2 materials, which are joined and handled fully automatically

Bihler GRM-NC

With the servo-controlled GRM-NC stamping bending machine, we produce, with high flexibility and productivity, both traditional punching parts/bending parts and wire bending parts as well as complex advanced components. Benefit from very fast tool changes, demand-oriented handling of even the smallest batch sizes and first-class product quality.

Noxon SWS 818 with 6-8 spoles

You have the option of having your items delivered rolled up and packaged. Ready for direct use in your automated production.

Complex components in high quality - high quality in large series - large series delivered on time!